Pokemon Sword and Shield Zarude | Legendary Dark/Grass ‘Rogue Monkey’ details

Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company have been sharing tantalizing teases with regards to a new Pokemon Sword and Shield Legendary recently. Now, it’s a mystery no longer with a fearsome-looking “Rogue Monkey” having been unveiled as the creature that’s soon set to make its debut appearance. Stick with this guide if you’re curious to learn more and we’ll impart everything you need to know about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield Zarude character.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Zarude details

Pokemon Sword and Shield Zarude

Zarude’s reveal is hot off the press, so, naturally, Nintendo is still keeping some details close to its chest. We do know, however, that the Legendary Pokemon is a Dark/Grass-type creature in the style of a monkey that knows the Leaf Guard ability.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Leaf Guard

Prevents status conditions in sunny weather.

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Whether you own and play Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield on Nintendo Switch, Zarude will be added to both versions of the game at a currently unspecified time later in 2020. We’ll keep you posted as and when an official Pokemon Sword and Shield Zarude release date is announced.

Not only is the slashy simian set to appear in both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, but also the upcoming movie Pokemon the Movie: Coco. What role Mythical Pokemon Zarude might play in its big-screen debut is currently unknown.

Zarude was unveiled via the Pokemon YouTube channel, with a teaser trailer (below) offering players their first look at a fanged Pokemon that you definitely wouldn’t want to be stuck in a confined space with. The trailer concludes with a promise that there’s “more information coming soon,” so be sure to stick with GameRevolution in order to be kept in the loop when new info drops.