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Nioh 2 Demo Reward and End Date

The Nioh 2 Last Chance Trial is currently up and running on PS4, allowing players to get a taste of the upcoming Soulslike title free of charge. For a limited time, the Nioh 2 demo is your chance to create a transferrable character and take part in a fantastical recreation of the real-life Battle of Mount Tenno. How long do you have to master the challenging trial, though? And is there any reward for besting it that carries over to the main game?

In this guide, we’ll impart everything you need to know about the Nioh 2 Last Chance Trial.

Nioh 2 demo start and end dates

Nioh 2 demo

Nioh 2‘s Last Chance Trial kicked off today — Friday, February 28 — and is scheduled to run until Sunday, March 1 at 23:59 PST (March 2 at 02:59 EST). Whether you’re just looking to gauge if the game is for you, or want to claim any and all rewards for participating, you really shouldn’t delay as the trial period is very limited.

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Nioh 2 demo file size

Nioh 2 demo

If you’re looking to take part, do be sure to account for the necessary time to download the Nioh 2 demo before you can start playing it. The Nioh 2 Last Chance Trial file size is 13.25GB.

Nioh 2 demo completion reward

Nioh 2 demo

If you can beat the lengthy main story mission, titled The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno, that comprises most of the Nioh 2 demo you’ll earn a reward for use in the final game, provided you elect to pick up a copy.

After defeating the Nioh 2 Last Chance Trial final boss encounter, you’ll be prompted to head to the PSN Store and download a DLC item called The Mark of the Demon Slayer. In the main game, this can be redeemed for the exclusive in-game Kamaitachi Helmet armor piece.