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How to play as William in Nioh 2

The original Nioh sees players embark as protagonist William Adams on a challenging adventure spanning tens, if not hundreds, of hours. Over that course of time, it’s hard not to grow attached to the Irish-born English sailor that manages to find himself battling demonic yokai all over Japan. Some might have felt Adams was a little bit out of place — despite being based on a real person — but that was arguably what gave him his charm. Although he doesn’t star in the upcoming Nioh 2, it is possible for players to reprise the role of Willaim Adams, as you’ll find out in this guide on how to play as William in Nioh 2.

How to play as Nioh protagonist William Adams in Nioh 2

how to play as William in Nioh 2

At the start of Team Ninja’s Soulslike sequel Nioh 2, you’ll be asked to create a custom male or female character. Being a prequel to the original Nioh, William Adams does not feature as the protagonist, or, seemingly, in any official capacity where the narrative is concerned. That doesn’t mean he can’t appear as an alternate player skin, however.

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Perhaps knowing that long-term Nioh players would lament his absence, the developers have made it possible to play as Willaim from very early on in Nioh 2. Provided you have Nioh save data stored on your PlayStation 4 system, you can unlock the William Adams Nioh 2 skin by following this step-by-step guide:

How to get the William skin in Nioh 2

  • After booting up Nioh 2, visit and pray at any in-game Shrine
  • From the Shrine menu, select the “Boons” option
  • The game should recognize your Nioh save data and grant you access to the William transformation
  • From the map screen, select the “Starting Point” location
  • Choose the “Hut” menu option
  • Select “Change Your Appearance”
  • Next hit “Transform”
  • Finally, select “William”

It’s worth noting that any armor you equip will no longer affect your character aesthetically with the skin equipped. Any stat changes will be applied as normal, though.