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How long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, the launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally right around the corner. There’s a demo that you can download right now from the PSN Store to get an early taster, which might just prove good enough to have you wonder: “How long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake?” More of a good thing is no bad thing, after all, so it’s only natural that people are questioning how much time they’ll be able to spend revisiting the beloved Final Fantasy VII universe come release on Friday, April 10.

How long to beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

How long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake

You might have seen a spate of Final Fantasy 7 Remake previews doing the rounds recently — including our own, where we deduced that it’s “everything that fans of the original have asked for” — and one nugget of information that came to light during the preview process is the proposed length of FF7 Remake‘s first part.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know that Square Enix is splitting Final Fantasy 7 Remake up into at least two parts. Due to this fact, it’s currently impossible to say for sure how long FF7 Remake will be in its entirety. We do know, however, that the debut episode scheduled to land next month is estimated to be in the region of 50-60 hours long.

Presumably, that’s for a completionist playthrough and it’ll also be possible to finish more quickly. Still, that’s a significant amount of content that should help to allay online fears that the game is being chopped up into small episodes in an effort to nickel and dime dedicated Final Fantasy 7 fans.

Although it hasn’t yet been officially confirmed how many episodes will comprise Final Fantasy VII Remake, should we assume it’s two —  based mostly on the fact that a completionist run of the PS1 original takes around 90 hours — that could indicate in the region of 100-120 hours total Final Fantasy 7 Remake playtime.