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Rune Factory 4 Clothing Shop Location | How to unlock new outfits

Getting new clothes in Rune Factory 4 isn’t too hard. However, like many things in the game, it isn’t explicitly explained. If you want to get new outfits, you’ll have to unlock the clothing shop needed to do so. Once that’s done, you’ll need to find out where the clothes shop location is in Rune Factory 4.

Fortunately, we’ve found where you can unlock new clothes in Rune Factory 4, and we can lead you right to it. Read on below to get some new outfits for your protagonist.

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How to get new clothes in Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 clothing shop unlock

If you’ve played the game for a while, you’ve likely noticed that new headgear appears on your character when equipped. However, the same can’t be said for accessories and armor. No matter how awesome your armor looks in your inventory, your character will still look the same as they did when you started the game.

To get new clothes in Rune Factory 4, you’ll need to unlock the clothing shop. You can do this with prince/princess points using the Order Symbol near Ventuswill. You’ll have to play through the game for a bit before the option to open this appears. I didn’t get it until I had reached the rank of “Respected Prince.”

You’ll find the option to unlock the clothing shop in Rune Factory 4 under the “Shops” section of the Princely Order menu. It takes 800 points to unlock, and the shop will immediately appear. However, you’ll have to find the clothing shop location because it isn’t in Selphina.

Rune Factory 4 Clothing Shop Location

Rune Factory 4 Clothing Shop Location

You won’t find the clothing shop in the village when you unlock it. Instead, you’ll have to venture out into Selphina Plain to locate it.

To find the clothing store:

  1. Exit Selphina to the south.
  2. Go east one screen.
  3. Enter the shack on this screen.

The clothing store doesn’t look like much, and it’s easy to overlook. However, it’s not hard to find once you know where to look.

Rune Factory 4 Clothing List

Rune Factory 4 Clothing Shop Interior

The following is a list of the new costumes you can get in Rune Factory 4.

  • Pajamas – 980G
  • Bathing Suit – 1500G
  • Chipsqueek Body Suit – 24000G
  • Wooly Body Suit – 24000G
  • Selphina Soldier – 36000G
  • Sechs Soldier – 36000G

There are also color variations of the protagonist available for purchase.

  • Red Passion – 2800G
  • Blue Sky – 2800G
  • Fruity Lemon – 2800G
  • Green Forest – 2800G
  • Persian Pink – 2800G
  • Fruity Orange – 2800G
  • Dark Wings – 2800G

Note, unless you purchase a wardrobe from the furniture shop (which must also be unlocked through the Princely Order menu), you’ll have to return to the clothing store each time you want to change.