EA ‘Origin Servers Temporarily Unavailable’ Error Fix (PC)

The EA “Origin Servers Temporarily Unavailable” error is an annoying thing to come up against, especially when you’re trying to join your friends in a multiplayer game like Apex Legends. The issue seems to be impacting some players, while others have no problem at all. Here’s what you need to know about a potential EA “Origin Servers Temporarily Unavailable” error fix.

EA ‘Origin Servers Temporarily Unavailable’ Error Fix

Origin Servers Temporarily Unavailable

If you’re struggling to connect to Origin, or your games are failing to load with the “Origin Servers Temporarily Unavailable” message popping up, then the fix is pretty simple, but you might not like it.

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As the issue is on the EA side, it’s not actually your problem to be able to fix. It’s not an issue with your PC or connection, as it’s to do with the Origin servers.

Unfortunately, this means you’re going to have to just wait until the Origin servers are back up and running again. At the time of writing there isn’t an ETA on when servers should be back up, as EA hasn’t yet acknowledged the issue.

We’d recommend using a different platform to game on. Instead of Origin, boot up a game on Steam, the Epic Games Store, uPlay, GOG, or elsewhere. After half an hour or so, give Origin another try and you might get lucky.

If you come across any other Origin errors or downtime concerns, be sure to visit the @EAHelp Twitter account for any announcements. The Origin error “Complete Support” page is also a useful resource when looking to troubleshoot other error codes and messages.

Here’s hoping the Origin servers are available again soon, as I’m personally waiting to try out the new Apex Legends Deja Loot mode, as it looks awesome!