PES 2020 1.09 Update Patch Notes | Data Pack 5.0

Although it’s not been long since Data Pack 4.0, the eFootball PES 2020 Data Pack 5.0 update is available to download and install across PS4, Xbox One, and PC right now. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of PES 2020 1.09 update patch notes. Stick with us a little longer, however, to read through a number of the Data Pack 5.0 update highlights, so you have a better understanding of everything it brings with it.

PES 2020 1.09 Update Highlights

PES 2020 1.09 update

A new Data Pack release in PES 2020 is always exciting, and Data Pack 5.0 is no different. New to the game is the Iconic Moment Series. This adds in a set of players from individual moments in their storied careers for you to collect and use in your myClub team. The new Iconic Moment Series of players isn’t all that is new, either. You’ll find new player face updates and a brand-new kit to play in. Despite all it adds, the 1.09 update is a small one, weighing in at only over 500 MB on PS4, at least.

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Iconic Moment Series

As stated above, the main new addition to PES 2020 thanks to its version 1.09 update is the new Iconic Moments Series of myClub players. These are current and classic players that you can add to your myClub team, all of which are based on individual, iconic moments from the player’s career. These players’ designs are based on that moment, too, with correct hair-styling and whatnot.

For example, you’ve got Marco Ban Basten from his Inter Milan match on May 24, 1989, to unlock. Login to myClub to get the Iconic Moment Series Maradona for free. Konami will add more players to the list of Iconic Moments Series stars from now on, too. Discover the current full list of Iconic Moments Series players in the full patch notes below.

Other Additions

Over 30 new player faces have been added into the game thanks to Data Pack 5.0. These are largely found across European clubs, such as Dani Rodriguez and more from RCD Mallorca.

On top of everything above, you can now play as FC Bayern in a 120th-anniversary shirt. It’s a nice update, for sure, despite its small download size.

PES 2020 1.09 Update Patch Notes | Data Pack 5.0

PES 2020 1.09 update

Check out the complete list of PES 2020 1.09 update patch notes (Data Pack 5.0) below, courtesy of Konami:

Celebrate the best moments in soccer with the ‘Iconic Moment Series’

  • Relive and recreate memorable moments from the careers of current and former soccer superstars with the new ‘Iconic Moment Series’.
  • Players in this series come with boosted stats that reflect their performance during a standout match in their career. Their cards even feature unique designs based on photos taken during that same match.
  • In addition, these players come with a unique feature that allows you to boost their stats even further by matching their affiliated team to your own in myClub.

Iconic Moment Series: Initial Lineup

  • ÉLBER (17.05.2003)
  • O. KAHN(09.11.2002)
  • K. RUMMENIGGE(13.06.1981)
  • XAVI (27.05.2009)
  • D. MARADONA (04.06.1983)
  • S. NAKAMURA (21.11.2006)
  • PUYOL (17.05.2006)
  • F. RIJKAARD (24.05.1989)
  • M. VAN BASTEN (24.05.1989)
  • MORIENTES (10.02.2002)
  • INIESTA(06.05.2009)
  • CASILLAS (25.08.2007)
  • XABI ALONSO (25.05.2005)
  • D. FORLÁN (01.03.2009)
  • FERNANDO TORRES (05.02.2006)

Player Face Updates

  • New face data for over 30 players. (Mainly from European clubs)


  • Celebrate over a century of FC Bayern München with their official 120th anniversary uniform!