Box art - Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition Pre-Order Guide

Are you looking to make a Ghost of Tsushima pre-order? Whether you want to grab Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition or something cheaper like the Launch Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition, we’ve got it covered!

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order | Collector’s Edition

Ghost of Tsushima pre-order - Collector's Edition

Ghost of Tsushima’s Collector’s Edition packs a ton of cool stuff into one package. Aside from the game itself, this also includes Director’s Commentary, 1 technique point for Charm of Hachiman’s Favor, the “Hero of Tsushima” skin set, and the Samurai PS4 Dynamic theme.

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Physical goodies include an art-book, a war banner, a cloth map, a furoshiki wrapping cloth, a really cool Sakai Mask, and a neat Steelbook case for the game. This one will cost you, though; the Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition retails at $169.99.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order | Special Edition

Ghost of Tsushima pre-order - Special Edition

The next step down is the Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition. This gives you the game in a handy Steelbook case, a digital mini art book, director’s commentary, the golden mask and sword kit skins, and the Charm of Hachiman’s Favor technique point. Pre-order bonus content also includes a digital mini soundtrack, a Jin avatar, and a Jin PS4 dynamic theme. This version will run you $69.99.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order | Digital Deluxe Edition

Ghost of Tsushima pre-order - Digital Deluxe Edition

If you don’t care about any physical items, then the Ghost of Tsushima Digital Deluxe Edition is the way to go. This includes the full “Hero of Tsushima” skin set, the Hachiman’s Favor technique point, the Samurai PS4 dynamic theme, the digital mini art book, and the game. Pre-ordering also nets you the digital mini soundtrack, Jin avatar, and Jin dynamic theme, all for $69.99.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order | Launch Edition

Ghost of Tsushima pre-order standard

Ghost of Tsushima Launch Edition is simply priced at $59.99, but it includes a few cool bonuses. You’ll get the digital mini soundtrack, Jin dynamic theme, and Jin avatar to glow up your PS4 experience.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order | Standard Edition

Finally, the Standard Edition of Ghost of Tsushima will cost you $59.99 and it just includes the game, whether you buy it digitally or physically. You don’t get any bonuses, so you should probably get the Launch Edition if you can make it to a retailer to get those bonuses or spend an extra ten bucks for the goodies in the Digital Deluxe Edition.