Ghost of Tsushima release date revealed and it’s sooner than expected

The Ghost of Tsushima release date has finally been revealed in an epic story trailer. This new hit of Ghost of Tsushima action sets the stage for what will surely be one of the most impressive stories in the next generation of gaming.

The opening moments show briefly show our hero Jin Sakai learning how to be a samurai before it quickly transitions to a terrifying battle against the Mongol hordes. Unfortunately, the battle didn’t quite go as expected, and that’s where Jin Sakai starts down the road of being a different kind of fighter.

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As Jin embraces the way of the ninja, he’s warned by his allies that he’s abandoning the ways of honor. Faced with overwhelming odds, Jin charges into battle using stealth and subterfuge to defeat an oppressive enemy threatening Japan. The end of the trailer reveals the Ghost of Tsushima release date as June 26, 2020.

Ghost of Tsushima is shaping up to be as good as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. With high-flying action, beautiful graphics, and an epic story, this is going to be a game that you won’t want to miss. Check out the brand new story trailer below! You can also pre-order it right now via the PlayStation Store.