Are there Black Mesa PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch release dates?

Valve Software’s Half-Life games are amongst the industry’s most revered, so a loving remaster of the original title is definitely something to get excited about. With the blessing of Valve, a group of fans going by the Crowbar Collective have spent years crafting exactly that. Now, Black Mesa is finally out of Steam Early Access and the complete version 1.0 is available on PC. That can only cause console players to ask one question, though: are Black Mesa PS4Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions entering development?

Stick with this guide to learn whether you can experience the rejuvenated version of Half-Life on consoles, courtesy of Black Mesa ports.

Is a Black Mesa PS4 version coming out?

Black Mesa PS4

At the time of writing, the Black Mesa developers (Crowbar Collective) haven’t announced any plans to bring the Half-Life remaster to PS4. Knowing this, there’s obviously no Black Mesa PS4 release date to share.

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Black Mesa‘s origins as a mod for the original Half-Life make it a perfect fit for the PC platform, as do the ties to Valve Corporation. Part of the rationale behind Valve giving the project its blessing was likely that the game would be available on the Steam storefront and, thus, grant them a cut of all sales. That wouldn’t necessarily be the case on PlayStation 4.

Is a Black Mesa Xbox One version coming out?

Black Mesa PS4

Unfortunately, Black Mesa isn’t currently scheduled to release on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. This means, naturally, that there’s no Black Mesa Xbox One release date.

While not a complete impossibility, as speculated above, we’d say that the chances of this Half-Life remaster making the jump to Xbox One are slim.

Is a Black Mesa Nintendo Switch version coming out?

Black Mesa PS4

There aren’t any known plans in place to bring Black Mesa to Nintendo Switch. Again, from that, it’s easy to extrapolate that we don’t know a Black Mesa Nintendo Switch release date.

As with the other formats, you can never say never, but we wouldn’t advise holding your breath for a Switch port.