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How to heal in Nioh 2

If there’s one thing you’ll be doing a lot of in Nioh 2, it’s dying. And to stop from dying, you’ll need to be doing a lot of healing. But how do you heal in Nioh 2? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to raise your health.

How to heal in Nioh 2

How to heal in Nioh 2

The first and most obvious way to heal in using the elixirs. These are on up on the D-pad as a shortcut. You’ll sometimes find these when enemies die as well as through some broken environmental objects. You can have a better chance of getting elixirs by finding Kodamas (not Sudamas) and using the Healer Blessing from the Prayer Shrine save points. Go to the Make Offering part in the shrine menu and you’ll see it from there. Offering gear to the Kodamas will also get you some elixirs (along with some experience), which is also in that same menu under “Make an Offering.”

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There are other items that let you heal, too. You can use the Herbal Remedy item, which restores all of your health. These are pretty rare so you should only use them when you really need the help. If you buy the skill in the Onmyo skill tree, you can also use the Life Leech Talisman to suck some life out of enemies to fill your own health bar. This isn’t the fastest way, but it does work if you stay on top of it. Some armor and weapons also have some properties that can give you more health, but these are pretty rare.

There are also hidden hot springs you can bath in, which not only fully heal you, but will also gradually give you more health over a small period of time. These are usually hard to find and some are right before a few of the bosses. You can only use them once, but that number refreshes every time you visit a Prayer Shrine. Also remember that Prayer Shrines also fully heal you but reset most of the enemies as well.

The ability called Curative Cores in the Shiftling skill tree that restores a bit of your health when you pick up a Soul Core from a fallen foe. This will take a few skill points to get to, granted that it is at the top of the Shiftling skill tree.