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Nioh 2 Enenra | How to beat

The Nioh 2 Enenra boss is a hot fight. No, it’s literally a hot fight as the whole place is constantly on fire so he can give you trouble if you’re quite flammable. Fret not, as here are some tips on how to beat Enenra in Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 Enenra | How to beat

Nioh 2 Enenra | How to beat

Enenra is one of the tougher earlier bosses but, as always, it’s good to run through these tips before you start. Enenra is also weak to water and uses fire so it is helpful to have the water talisman Ninjutsu and fire resistant Onmyo magic items loaded. However, it is resistant to fire, corruption, and poison.

This fire demon has a few attacks and will often mix them up like a fighter in a fighting game. His main attack is a basic punch that branches into more punches or a kick or use the kick to go into more kicks. Block the punches and try to predict if he’s going to kick. You can also block the kick, but it’ll likely break your guard and leave you open so you’ll want to dodge laterally to get out of the way. Guess correctly and wail on him. He’ll usually do these punches out of his smoke teleport.

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This is different from his other melee attacks. He’ll load up his right hand, then his left, and then slam his head to the ground. This has a bigger hitbox than you think but you can attack for a second after he does this.

Your best bet is use the environment around you. If you get him to attack any of the pillars around the room, a bunch of water will fall on him. This does a some regular damage to him but a lot of stamina damage.

When he takes the battlefield into a Yokai realm or is getting up off the ground, just get away. He will quickly turn into a damaging fire tornado.

He will also do this move separately but it is a Burst Attack. When he does his red glow, he will come at you as a devastating fire tornado. Time it correctly and Burst Counter. Since it is early in the game, you’ll likely fail a few times figuring out how to counter it before it hits you.

His ranged attack is calling fire pillars from the ground, which he performs after he roars and whips his head around. These are slow and easy to avoid, but can’t be fully blocked well as you’ll still take a bit of damage. The other ranged attack involves his summoning fire tornadoes. There are quite slow so just move laterally to avoid them. You don’t even usually need to dodge. Just be sure to get away from them as he can pin you against them sometimes if he himself gets in.