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How to Redeem Wonder Mail Codes in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Knowing how to redeem Wonder Mail codes in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX will allow you to receive awesome rewards like TMs and even rare Pokemon. However, it’s not exactly clear how players can go about entering passwords. It’s not very obvious at all, but we here at GameRevolution are ready to help with our simple tips. Read on to learn where to enter passwords in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.

How to redeem Wonder Mail Codes in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Redeem Wonder Mail Codes

The mystery of redeeming Wonder Mail codes in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX is especially troublesome for those who regularly leave their Nintendo Switch in the Sleep Mode. You see, to be able to enter Wonder Mail passwords, players need to visit the game’s main menu, which is often bypassed using Sleep.

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How to redeem Wonder Mail codes in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Rescue DX

  1. Ensure the game is fully closed, so that you can boot into the main menu.
  2. Move through the main menu options and select “Wonder Mail.”
  3. Hit the “A” button two times.
  4. Enter a password from our list here.
  5. Enjoy your reward!

It’s as simple as that!

If you’re redeeming a Pokemon, we’d recommend ensuring that you have its respective camp in order to recruit it. If you’re redeeming items, simply collect them in-game.

The Wonder Mail codes can be used to give yourself a significant advantage in-game. If you’re struggling with a certain Rescue Mission, or you just want to spice up your squad and the moves your Pokemon pals have learned, then try out a few passwords to get those free items.

You can expect more Wonder Mail codes to be revealed as support for the game continues. We’ll keep our list updated with any new passwords, so keep it bookmarked.