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All Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail Codes List

If you’ve picked up the latest Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch, you’ve probably taken note of the “Wonder Mail” option at the main menu. If you’re wondering what it does, or just find yourself without any codes to redeem, then we can help out on both fronts. Stick with us for a complete all Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail codes list.

All Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail codes list

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail

All currently available Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail codes, alongside the in-game items and special jobs they entitle you to, are listed by type (and alphabetically) below:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail Special Request codes

  • 92JMR48W — Smoochum’s Special Request
  • 991Y5K47 — Mareep’s Special Request

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail TM codes

  • 3TY1XW99 — Bug TM, Leech Life
  • 78SH6463 — Fighting TM, Focus Blast
  • 90P7CQP9 — Ghost TM, Shadow Ball
  • JR4113QS — Water TM, Waterfall
  • N0R7K93R — Grass TM, Energy Ball
  • P5R9411S — Fire TM, Flamethrower
  • PFXQPCN3 — Ground TM, Bulldoze
  • R13R6XY0 — Electric TM, Thunderbolt
  • W95R91XT — Steel TM, Smart Strike
  • XMK5JQQM — Ice TM, Ice Beam
  • XNY8PK40 — Dark TM, Brutal Swing

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail item codes

  • 0R7910P7 — Physical Boost Set:
    • 2x Carbos
    • 2x Life Seed
  • 25QQTSCR — Powerful Ribbon Set:
    • 1x Defense Scarf
    • 1x Gold Ribbon
    • 1x Power Band
  • 3R62CR63 — Useful Berry Set:
    • 5x Chesto Berry
    • 5x Rawst Berry
    • 2x Tiny Reviver Seed
  • 45QSPHF4 — Cacnea Collection:
    • 40x Cacnea Spike
    • 40x Cacnea Spike
    • 40x Cacnea Spike
  • 5PJQMCCJ — Reviver Seed Set:
    • 1x Revive All Orb
    • 2x Reviver Seed
    • 5x Tiny Reviver Seed
  • 7FW627CK — Predicament Gift:
    • 5x Slumber Orb
    • 5x Totter Orb
  • 8QXR93P5 — Gift from Graveler:
    • 40x Geo Pebble
    • 20x Golden Fossil
    • 40x Gravelerock
  • 95R1W6SJ — Magical Ribbon Set:
    • 1x Gold Ribbon
    • 1x Special Band
    • 1x Zinc Band
  • H6W7K262 — Special Gummi Sample:
    • 2x DX Gummi
  • H8PJTWF2 — Lovely Seed Set:
    • 3x Heal Seed
    • 2x Reviver Seed
  • MCCH6XY6 — Red Pouch:
    • 3x Iron
    • 3x Power Drink
  • QXW5MMN1 — Friendly Set:
    • 3x Inviting Orb
    • 3x Rare Quality Orb
    • 1x Wigglytuff Orb
  • SFSJWK0H — Hard Times Set:
    • 3x Helper Orb
    • 2x Revive All Orb
  • WJNTY478 Support Gift:
    • 5x Evasion Orb
    • 5x Evasion Orb
  • XMK95K49:
    • 1x DX Gummi
    • 1x Rainbow Gummi
  • XT498SP7 — Move Strengthening Set:
    • 2x Accuracy Drink
    • 2x Power Drink
    • 2x PP-Up Drink
  • Y6493N3S — Barrier Gift:
    • 3x Foe-Hold Orb
    • 5x Foe-Seal Orb

What is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail

If you’re familiar with the Mystery Gift system in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you’re already well-equipped to understand Wonder Mail in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. In much the same fashion, special redemption codes are distributed through a variety of means and can then be entered in-game in order to receive a variety of helpful bonuses.

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Most codes available at the time of writing originate from Japan. The regional “Pokemon SOS Challenge” rewarded successful participants with Wonder Mail codes, while different Japanese retailers also carried exclusive codes in an effort to entice players. The Pokemon Japan Twitter account also shares new codes on occasion.

Luckily, early signs indicate that these aren’t region-specific and will work for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX players everywhere.

How to redeem Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail

Before we share all of the available Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail codes, here’s a brief step-by-step guide on how to use them:

  • Boot up Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX on your Nintendo Switch
  • Select the “Wonder Mail” option once you reach the main menu
  • Enter any of the below Wonder Mail codes exactly as they appear
  • If done successfully, you’ll receive the relevant item(s) or job

As you may have noticed in the last point, some codes won’t just immediately pay out item-based rewards and will instead present you with a mission opportunity. In these instances, you’ll need to complete the mission in order to claim the titular Pokemon as your prize.