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Modern Warfare fetching online profile stuck fix (656448 error)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is currently experiencing multiplayer issues across all formats. Whether you’re playing on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, no place is entirely safe from an ongoing bug that’s seeing Modern Warfare players get trapped on the “Fetching Online Profile” screen. After spending a lot of time waiting for the process to (unsuccessfully) complete, many are then booted from online services and presented with the 656448 error code. If you’re one of those unfortunate people, is there a Modern Warfare fetching online profile stuck fix for you?

Stick with this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guide in order to find out.

Is there a Modern Warfare fetching online profile stuck solution?

Modern Warfare fetching online profile stuck fix

Unfortunately, there’s no known fetching online profile solution and, as such, no Modern Warfare error 656448 fix at the time of writing. CoD: MW developer Infinity Ward is currently working to fix XP issues with the game, so it’s possible that the tinkering they’re doing behind the scenes may be having an adverse effect on the servers. Failing that, solving the XP issue may just be the team’s current priority.

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In the absence of a fix from the game’s developers, devoted players can often figure out workarounds and/or temporary solutions. That hasn’t been the case here, however, as those affected are consistently encountering the same issues whenever they attempt to access online multiplayer. Being patient and waiting for the “Fetching Online Profile” screen to do its thing will repeatedly result in a 656448 error, yet, on the other hand, canceling the procedure will only cause it to pop back up again whenever multiplayer is accessed.

With reports being relatively widespread, it’s likely that Activision and Infinity Ward are aware of the current Modern Warfare issues. As disappointing as it might be, this means that the only present solution is waiting on an official fix to be implemented.