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Do I have to rebuy the Modern Warfare battle pass if I switch platforms?

If you’re thinking of switch which platform you’re playing Modern Warfare on, you’re probably wondering if you have to rebuy the battle pass. Sure, Modern Warfare has cross-progression, but few games let you share in-game purchases between platforms. So, if you’ve got a bunch of your battle pass unlocked, are you going to have to start it all over if you move platforms?

This question is especially vital with the launch of Call of Duty Warzone. With this mode being available as a free-to-play standalone, now is the best time to check out the game on another platform. Fortunately, the Warzone Battle Pass is shared with Modern Warfare and covered under cross-progression.

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Does Modern Warfare Battle Pass have cross-platform progression?

Modern Warfare features battle pass cross-progression. So, if you purchase a battle pass on one platform, you get access to it on any system. That means you can buy a battle pass on PS4, and switch to the PC version of the game and continue leveling up battle pass tiers where you left off.

This cross-progression even extends to the free-to-play version of Call of Duty Warzone. Modern Warfare and Warzone share a battle pass. So, if you, for example, own Modern Warfare on PS4 and buy the battle pass for that platform and decide you want to play the Call of Duty Warzone standalone on PC, you can carry over the battle pass and all your character progress.

The only caveat to the battle pass cross-progression is that any COD Points are locked to the platform you earn them on. Despite cross-platform functionality, COD Points are platform locked. This is the only drawback to playing on multiple platforms. However, any items you purchase with COD Points are shared between platforms, which somewhat mitigates this drawback.