Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to WiFi Error Fix

Not being able to connect to the internet is a major inconvenience when it comes to Nintendo Switch. Not only is online multiplayer and the Nintendo eShop completely off-limits, but you also can’t download updates that serve to improve your favorite games. Due to this, it’s only natural that you’re here seeking a fix to the fact that your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to WiFi.

In this guide, we’ll aim to get you back up and running so that you can access the Nintendo Network and all of your Nintendo Switch Online benefits.

Nintendo Switch won’t connect to WiFi | How to fix

Nintendo Switch won't connect to WiFi

Nintendo’s built-in Switch WiFi capability offers weak reception as standard for many players, which likely plays a part in the issues surrounding connectivity. It seems that 2.4GHz connections are most commonly affected, though, thankfully, there are several potential fixes that anybody can try.

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Nintendo Switch won’t connect to WiFi fix

  • Reset your Nintendo Switch console by holding down the power button, then attempt to connect.
  • If unsuccessful, reset your internet router and allow it sufficient time to fully reboot.
  • Still can’t connect? If your router supports it, swap your Nintendo Switch to the 5GHz WiFi band.
    • You’ll likely need to do so via your router’s management page.
  • Should the problem persist, try standing next to your router and attempting to connect.
    • If that works, you’ve possibly been trying to play in a position that’s too far away for a connection to be sustained.
    • If it works and you’d been playing close-by, try removing any objects that might obstruct or interfere with your connection.

Failing all those fixes, check to ensure that the Nintendo Network isn’t currently down by clicking this link and then selecting your region. If no current issues are listed, you may need to consider sending your Nintendo Switch console away for necessary repairs.