Doom Eternal How to Play Invasion Mode

Doom Eternal | How do you play Invasion Mode?

Invasion Mode is one of Doom Eternal‘s more unique features. This mode allows players to invade your campaign levels and fight against you as a demon in the single-player campaign. This works a bit like the system in Dark Souls and is meant to add a challenge for Doom Slayers who have conquered the campaign and want more.

However, if you’ve just picked up Doom Eternal, you’re probably wondering how to access Invasion Mode. There are no prompts to be found on the menu. You’d think that it’d have to be available, it’s even referenced in tooltips. Here’s the rundown on how to play Invasion Mode in Doom Eternal.

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How do you play Invasion Mode in Doom Eternal?

Unfortunately, at launch, Invasion Mode isn’t available. Though the feature was highly touted, and the game was even delayed by six months, Invasion Mode is absent.

Players won’t get the chance to try Invasion Mode until it’s added in a post-launch update. For now, if you want to play as a demon, you’ll have to stick to Battle Mode.

What is the Doom Eternal Invasion Mode release date?

Bethesda and id Software haven’t mentioned a release date for Invasion Mode. Seeing as how it was heavily referenced in the past Doom Eternal reveals, its omission on launch is somewhat concerning. It could be that there are just issues with balancing, and the mode is essentially ready to go. Alternatively, the whole thing could require an overhaul, and we could be waiting for a while.

From what we know now, there’s no sense in waiting for Invasion Mode to be added to start the campaign. Once completed, you can replay the campaign missions at will, and there’s plenty of reason to go back through the entire story a second or third time.

For now, we’ll just have to be patient and hope Invasion Mode gets a release sooner rather than later. Regardless, the game is terrific, and the mode is more of a bonus than anything.

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