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Fortnite 2.64 Update Patch Notes (12.21.1) | March 27 Today

The Fortnite 2.64 update patch notes (12.21.1) are now ready to read, with the patch currently rolling out to PS4, before possibly also being deployed to PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android systems today, March 27. It’s unusual for a new Fortnite update to be sent out on a Friday, but not unheard of. If the new Fortnite patch doesn’t automatically download and install for you, try using your platform’s “Check for update” function, which can sometimes force the update to install.

Fortnite 2.64 Update Patch Notes (12.21.1)

fortnite 2.64 update patch notes

As is now normal with these “surprise” updates, it’s best not to get too excited about the changes in the Fortnite 2.64 update. Its surprise arrival usually means the changes are purely to do with improving stability or fixing bugs which, while important, aren’t as exciting as new content.

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As was the case with previous XX.XX.1 updates, this 12.21.1 patch has one function: “To address stability and other issues.”

As for what these “other issues” are, it hasn’t yet been made clear. Neither the @FortniteStatus Twitter account or Community Trello have listed the changes.

At the time of writing, this patch is currently only available on PS4. The “Update History” notes don’t give too much away in terms of specific fixes, but you can read the patch notes below:


  • 12.21.1 Release – Stability fixes to improve Fortnite.

Not much to glean from that, I’m afraid! However, it at least confirms that the update is intended to help improve Fortnite through stability fixes. Users can therefore expect an overall smoother experience with fewer performance hiccups and/or crashes.

If developer Epic Games offers more information about the latest Fortnite update, we’ll be sure to update this post with the latest information.

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