How to beat the Rainbow Six Siege April Fool’s Challenge 2020

Are you wondering how to beat the Rainbow Six Siege April Fool’s Challenge 2020? Just like last year, Ubisoft has released a devious challenge for Rainbow Six Siege players and they’re having a hard time figuring out how to earn the Giggle Fin charm.

How do you beat the Rainbow Six Siege April Fool’s Challenge 2020?

Rainbow Six Siege April Fool's Challenge 2020

Rainbow Six Siege is no stranger to special events, but this year’s April Fool’s event is particularly devious. When Ubisoft announced the event, they kind of left out an important fact. Nobody knows how to beat it, and Ubisoft sure ain’t talkin’.

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Of course, it should be noted that this is an April Fool’s event, so Ubisoft is being particularly tricky here. Gamers have to figure out how exactly to get it and speculation is running rampant. One Steam user thought that perhaps they had to have a score of 4-1 (as in 4/1, or April 1st) to get the reward, but that didn’t work.

Discussion of the April Fool’s event is a little more lively on Reddit. While several players report that they’ve gotten the charm, no one has yet been able to pin down what exactly it was they did to get the charm. Here are some examples where the player reported a drop:

  • Playing Oregon and “doing nothing in particular”
  • Playing in a Group of 3
  • Using Sofia’s launcher and destroying 5 enemy gadgets
  • Flawless Win and MVP in the same match

As best as we can tell, it seems that you’ll have to play in a squad of 3 people or more and possibly win a game in order to get the reward. There don’t appear to be any other requirements. So if you’re keen on winning the Rainbow Six Siege April Fool’s Challenge 2020, that’s what you should try!

What do you get for beating the challenge?

If you successfully manage to complete the Rainbow Six Siege April Fool’s Challenge 2020, you’ll get something neat for your game: a cool “Giggle Fin” charm. It’s nothing more than a cool cosmetic item that you can stick on your gun, but maybe it will bring you a bit of luck!