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Are there Ink Ribbons in Resident Evil 3 remake? | How Auto-Save and Manual Saves work

If you’re a longtime fan of the series, you’re probably wondering if there are ink ribbons in Resident Evil 3 remake. In the original RE3, you needed an ink ribbon every time you want to save. However, in RE2 remake, things got switched up a bit to where ink ribbons were only on Hardcore difficulty. So, how does manual save and auto-save work in Resident Evil 3 remake?

Are there ink ribbons in Resident Evil 3 remake?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Ink Ribbon

Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 remake both used ink ribbons for saves on higher difficulties, just like the original games did. This added the challenge of limiting the number of manual saves you could have per playthrough and made inventory management even trickier.

However, Resident Evil 3 remake doesn’t feature ink ribbons on any difficulty. The item simply doesn’t appear in the game. Considering how tough RE3 remake can get, there’s just no real reason to limit the amount of manual saves you can perform.

However, you’re still limited on how many manual saves per playthrough you can have if you want to S rank in Resident Evil 3 remake. So, keep that in mind if you’re trying to get that coveted ranking.

How do you manual save in Resident Evil 3 remake?

Even though there aren’t ink ribbons in Resident Evil 3 remake, you’ll still use typewriters to save. Save rooms work the same way they did in the original RE3 remake, and provide safety and a place to record your progress and use the item box.

To manually save in RE3 remake, find a typewriter. You’ll get a prompt when you get near, and pressing the correct button will take you to the save screen.

How does auto-save work in Resident Evil 3 remake

Unlike the original RE3, Resident Evil 3 remake includes auto-save functionality. At specific points in the game, your progress will be automatically saved, and if you die, you’ll be able to reload this checkpoint.

RE3 remake’s auto-save system is pretty generous. The game will auto-save when:

  • You pick up a key item
  • When you use a key item
  • When you reach a new area
  • Before boss fights
  • After boss fights

You shouldn’t lose more than ten minutes or so of progress no matter where you die. There’s likely exceptions to this, but each time I had to load an auto-save, I only lost a few minutes of progress.