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Resident Evil 3 Remake Samurai Edge Location | Can you get Jill’s pistol?

Playing as Jill Valentine with her signature weapon, the Samurai Edge pistol, can feel a little wrong, so it’s understandable why players might be wondering where the weapon is in Resident Evil 3 remake. Thankfully, when remaking the game, the developers didn’t skip over this fan-favorite weapon. However, while it’s certainly in the game, unlocking it takes a bit of effort. Here’s what you need to know about the RE3 remake Samurai Edge location.

How to unlock Samurai Edge in Resident Evil 3 remake

Resident Evil 3 Remake Samurai Edge Location

To unlock the Samurai Edge pistol in Resident Evil 3 remake, you’re going to first have to unlock the Shop by completing the game. Once the Shop is available at the game’s main menu, you can purchase the Samurai Edge for 5600P.

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Samurai Edge’s description reads:

15-shot capacity 9mm handgun. It’s been customized according to Jill’s personal specifications. Excellent across the board, with exceptional accuracy and firepower. 

The weapon has some unique cosmetic touches, including a reference to the Kendo Gun Shop, which Jill visits in-game. (Kendo also appears in the Resident Evil 2 remake.)

Assuming you completed enough Challenges during your first playthrough, you should have enough Points to buy the Samurai Edge and use it the next time you play. If you don’t have the required 5600P, head to the Challenges section of the main menu to find some easy objectives to complete, like killing X number of zombies with a specific weapon.

Unfortunately, no, you can’t find the Samurai Edge pistol in-game. It’s not available to Jill or Carlos, with the only pistol upgrades being a burst variant and the Lightning Hawk magnum.

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