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How long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake and how many chapters are there?

Unlike the original, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is divided into chapters. Although this episode only covers Midgar, that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t take long to beat. On the contrary, FF7 Remake takes around as much time to finish as any other Final Fantasy main series title does. Below, you can learn how many chapters Final Fantasy 7 Remake has and how much time it takes to beat it. Additionally, we’ll dive into the Intermission DLC and tell players how long it takes to beat the Yuffie DLC and how many chapters it has.

How long does it take to beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake How Long to Beat

The time it takes to beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake depends mostly on how much side content you partake in. If you just run through the story, you’ll likely hit the 30-hour mark when the credits roll. If you were determined to shoot through the game as quickly as possible without skipping any cutscenes, you could probably shave that down to 25 hours.

If you aim to complete all the content the game has to offer with 100% completion, you’re looking at around 50-60 hours. Some of this extra time is from sidequests. However, to get the platinum trophy in the game, you’ll need to complete each chapter on hard mode, which is unlocked after your first playthrough. This means you have to play through the game a second time for a true completionist run.

My first playthrough clocked in at around 39 hours, with most side content completed. I’d assume this is probably going to be the average for most players, as many won’t feel like immediately going through the whole game a second time.

How long does it take to beat the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission DLC?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission DLC how long to beat

As a DLC, FF7R Intermission is obviously shorter than the main game. However, players will be surprised to find that there’s a nice chunk of content here. There are about 6-8 hours of content, including side quests.

How many chapters are in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake How Many Chapters

The original FF7 was a straight shot, with only disc changes serving to divide the story. Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes a different approach by separating the game into 18 chapters. Each chapter of the game centers around a particular area or incident, so you’ll find that some are much longer than others. As such, don’t ruin the experience by trying to anticipate how much time you have left by what section of the game you’re on. Even if you’re intimately familiar with the original, you’ll be surprised by just how much has been added to the adventure through Midgar.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter List

  1. The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1
  2. Fateful Encounters
  3. Home Sweet Slum
  4. Mad Dash
  5. Dogged Pursuit
  6. Light the Way
  7. A Trap is Sprung
  8. Budding Bodyguard
  9. The Town That Never Sleeps
  10. Rough Waters
  11. Haunted
  12. Fight for Survival
  13. A Broken World
  14. In Search of Hope
  15. The Day Midgar Stood Still
  16. The Belly of the Beast
  17. Deliverance from Chaos
  18. Destiny’s Crossroads

How many chapters are in the FF7R Intermission DLC?

How many chapters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission DLC

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission DLC only has two chapters, but both are pretty lengthy:

  1. Wutai’s Finest
  2. Covert Ops