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Valorant Controller Support | Can you play with an Xbox gamepad?

Now that the anticipated game is in its closed beta, we’ve seen plenty of you asking “is there Valorant controller support?” In this guide, we’ll let you in on the answer to “can you play Valorant with a controller?” Read on to find out whether or not you can use a controller in Valorant. Can you use an Xbox gamepad? Read on to find out. The controller vs mouse and keyboard debate lives on to fight another day.

Is there Valorant Controller Support?

Valorant controller support

There is some level of Valorant controller support. When playing with a controller, there is no aim assist, just as there isn’t for anyone playing Valorant with a mouse and keyboard. Unfortunately, we don’t know what controllers work with the game, and what doesn’t. It’s safe to assume, however, that your Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamepads should work, as there is some level of controller support in the game. Simply try out your gamepads in Valorant to see if they work.

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During a DrLupo Twitch stream, the streamer spoke to Anna Donlon (Valorant executive producer) and the game’s director, Joe Ziegler. The pair of them confirmed that there is “some level” of controller support in Valorant, but that there isn’t any kind of aim assist in the game. Given the quicker movement of aiming with a mouse and keyboard without aim assist, this news could put off potential gamepad players.

Whether or not playing with a controller over a mouse and keyboard setup is your preference, however, is up to you. We’re not here to judge. No matter your opinion on the debate, controller support is always a good thing for those who struggle or can’t use a mouse and keyboard setup. If you were lucky enough to get into the closed beta, now’s your time to discover what control method you prefer.