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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 Maps

The Modern Warfare Season 3 maps are thankfully going to be free, which is a great player-friendly tradition this game has helped bring to the Call of Duty series. But what are the Modern Warfare Season 3 maps? And when do they come out?

Modern Warfare Season 3 Maps

Modern Warfare Season 3 Maps

There are five total maps coming to Modern Warfare‘s third season, which starts on April 8 at 11 AM PT (check here for you area). One of them is a Gunfight map while the others are regular maps for the other competitive modes. However, the Gunfight map (Aisle 9) and one of the regular maps (Hardhat) won’t come until later in the season at some unknown time. Only three will be there for the launch week.

Talsik Backlot is one of the maps that’ll be there during launch week. It’s a remastered map from the original 2007 Modern Warfare and will feature a “mix of close quarters combat and long-range sniper duels.” However, the map was simply called Backlot in that game.

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Hovec Sawmill is the second map for launch week and will have three lanes, which is good for those criticizing the game’s original lineup of random arenas. Players can scurry across rooftops for the high ground or run through the local businesses for cover. It even has a burning sawmill in it.

Aniyah Incursion is a remixed map from the Ground War map of the same name. And since it isn’t Ground War anymore, it’s a lot smaller. There are some flanking routes from the crawl spaces as well as a big main courtyard. Players familiar with the map in Ground War might have an advantage so jump in now and start studying.

These maps will come alongside some cycling playlist updates and will include variants like Demolition, Gun Game Reloaded, Gunfight variants, and more.