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Are there Valorant PS5 and Xbox Series X release dates?

The closed beta for Riot Games’ all-new competitive FPS, Valorant, is currently taking the PC platform by storm. With millions of players eager to get in on the action, Valorant closed beta keys are a hot commodity and Twitch viewership is high. What about those gamers that prefer to play on consoles, however? Specifically, those that are looking to pick up next-generation hardware. Well, if you have Valorant PS5 and Valorant Xbox Series X versions on the mind, then you’re in the right place.

Stick with us as we discuss whether or not a Valorant next-gen release is in the works at Riot.

Is there a Valorant PS5 version?

Valorant PS5

At the time of writing, there’s been no official announcement regarding a Valorant PlayStation 5 port. Of course, that means there’s regrettably no Valorant PS5 release date for us to share at the moment.

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It isn’t all bad news, however, as Valorant lead designer Trevor Romleski recently said that the development team at Riot (League of Legends) is “open to exploring new opportunities for other platforms.” Romleski made the statement during an interview with popular Twitch streamer TimTheTatman when asked about console versions, though also acknowledged that the “focus right now is on PC.”

Although it’s far from a guarantee that any Valorant console version is on the way, there is at least hope. If it does happen, whether Valorant will come to PS5 and/or PS4 remains to be seen.

Is there a Valorant Xbox Series X version?

Valorant Xbox Series X

Similarly, there’s currently been no word on a Valorant Xbox Series X port. As a result, there isn’t any Valorant Xbox Series X release date to speak of.

Since Romleski’s comments outlined above weren’t specific to any platform, it’s entirely possible that the “other platforms” he and the team are “open to exploring” could include Xbox Series X.