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Are there Valorant Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch release dates?

Riot Games (League of Legends) officially introduced the world to Valorant recently, having first been teased as the mysterious Project A back in late 2019. The competitive PC gaming behemoth is transitioning from the MOBA to the FPS genre, which is a much better fit for consoles, right? Keeping that fact in mind, are there Valorant Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch versions on the way?

In this guide, we’ll answer all your questions regarding console ports of the competitive shooter that looks to be an intriguing mix of Counter-Strike and Overwatch.

Is there a Valorant Xbox One version?

Valorant Xbox One

Riot Games hasn’t announced any plans regarding a Valorant Xbox One port. Naturally, this means that there’s no known Valorant Xbox One release date at the time of writing.

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The game is scheduled to launch exclusively on PC in summer 2020, where it’ll be free-to-play. Although an Xbox One version hasn’t been ruled out at this stage, the game’s esports focus and desire to achieve the smoothest possible gameplay experience is arguably most at home on PC — for the time being, at least.

Is there a Valorant PS4 version?

Valorant Xbox One

As with Xbox One, there are seemingly no plans in place for a Valorant PS4 port. Of course, that also means there’s no Valorant PS4 release date to speak of.

It’s possible that Riot could elect to bring Valorant to PlayStation 4 if the PC version is a success and demand for console versions is high enough. Until that hypothetical day comes, however, playing on PC will be the only option available to prospective players.

Is there a Valorant Nintendo Switch version?

Valorant Xbox One

Valorant isn’t currently planned to hit Switch. Once again, there’s obviously no Valorant Nintendo Switch release date as a result.

Nintendo’s hybrid handheld seems like it could be the least likely platform to receive a port, as it’d be the hardest place to maintain the kind of rock-solid performance that’s required in order to make Valorant competitively viable. Nintendo Switch did get Overwatch, however, so you can never say never.