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Madden 20 Patch Notes | Tile Update April 8, 2020

Another patch is making its way into Madden NFL 20, and it’s available for download now across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The April 8 Title Update is a quick download that includes just a few small fixes for the game. If you want to know what’s popping with the latest Madden 20 patch notes, you can find all the details featured below.

Madden 20 Patch Notes | April 8, 2020 Title Update

Madden 20 patch notes title update April 8, 2020

The April 8, 2020 title update to Madden 20 doesn’t provide any sort of new content or added features. Like many of the game’s more recent updates, the latest patch notes detail only a handful of minor changes. This time around, the patch includes a few unidentified stability improvements as well as two specific bug fixes.

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Following the April 8 update, players should no longer encounter the issue where certain defensive formations allow defenders into the backfield unblocked. This patch also includes a fix for the problem that allowed the Superstar ability Nasty Streak to be used on out-of-position players. They may be small tweaks, but when it comes to keeping a winning career intact, these are necessary changes.

If that summary doesn’t quite do it for you, fret not. We’ve got the full Madden 20 patch notes for the title update released April 8, 2020 featured below.

Franchise Updates

  • General stability improvements

Gameplay Updates

  • Fixed an issue allowing defenders into the backfield unblocked with defensive formations such as Nickel -4-5 Odd
  • Fixed an additional issue allowing the ‘Nasty Streak’ Superstar ability to be used on players out of position

There isn’t any new content detailed in the April 8, 2020 Madden 20 patch notes. Still, today’s title update does at least show continued progress. The development team at Electronic Arts has propelled the Madden series to the top of electronic sports entertainment, and constant revision is clearly part of that winning formula.