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How to add friends in Valorant

Valorant is the hit new first-person shooter coming out of Riot Games. Not only is it designed to be accessible, it’s also designed to be competitive. That means you’ll be at your best when you’ve got a squad of buddies on your side. This begs the obvious question: How do you add friends in Valorant? Fortunately, the process is simple.

How to add friends in Valorant

how to add friends in valorant

To add friends in Valorant, you need to locate the Add Friends button near the bottom of your in-game friends list. From there, type in their name as well as their identification number. You don’t need to include the number sign (or “hashtag”) when adding friends.

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With any luck, your buddy will soon receive a friend request. Assuming they accept, you’ll be able to see them on your list and send them invites to matches.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work, anyway. However, some users are reporting that the friends list doesn’t work, or that they can’t add anyone to their lists. This seems to be an ongoing problem, but it’s not without its potential solutions.

Why can’t I add friends?

Since Valorant is still in the beta stage of development, the friends feature seems to have a few issues. Specifically, some players find that they can’t add friends in Valorant. More often than not, it seems like friend requests are simply never delivered.

Fortunately, there is a short-term workaround. Players have found that Valorant shares the same friends list as other Riot Games releases, notably Legends of Runeterra. It’s possible to to add friends within that game in order to have them appear in your Valorant friends list. It’s an odd fix for sure, but it does seem to work. As for how to successfully play with friends, that’s another matter entirely.

To add friends in Valorant, simply use the Add Friend feature. All you’ll need is your friend’s user name as well as their identification number. If the friend request doesn’t appear to be sent, it may be worth trying to add them from another Riot-developed game. That, or wait until the developers issue a fix through a future update.