Box art - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to Xbox and PC?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally here. After almost 23 years, players can experience the PS1 classic on PS4. But even though it is only on Sony’s console, does that mean that a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One version is coming? What about PC?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One | Is it coming?

Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to Xbox and PC?

Square Enix has not officially said anything about a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One port. However, it’s very likely coming to Microsoft’s console as well. The first most obvious sign is in Sony’s official marketing material. In some of the official trailers advertising the game, you can blatantly see two key pieces of evidence that point to an Xbox release.

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As shown in the above picture, it says “Play First on PS4” and “Until 4/10/2021” at the bottom. This heavily suggests that the FF7 Remake Xbox version is coming but not until April 2021 or later. The new consoles will almost assuredly be out by then, which means it could even launch on the Xbox Series X (and PS5). These exclusivity deals have expiration dates and it looks like the one Sony made with Square is only for a year.

Microsoft also made quite a gesture toward the whole series in November 2019 by announcing a whole slew of Final Fantasy games coming to Xbox Game Pass. While the franchise didn’t use to be associated with the Xbox brand, Microsoft has taken steps to get a ton of entries on its box. You can currently play Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy 10: HD RemasteredFinal Fantasy 10-2: HD Remastered, Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac AgeFinal Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 13-2Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13Final Fantasy 15, and Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition on the Xbox One right now. Except for the MMO Final Fantasy 14, these titles show the breadth of Final Fantasy games on the Xbox console.

An Xbox Germany page did show the game in July 2019, but that alleged March 2020 release date has since passed. It was likely a mistake, but an odd one at that.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC | Is it coming?

The same applies to the proposed Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC version. The expiring exclusivity deal would mean it could jump to PC as well. The PC even has a larger breadth of Final Fantasy games on it, too, showing a history of Square Enix putting the series on that platform. So, like the probable Xbox One port, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is most likely coming to PC as well. It’s just up to Square Enix to announce it.