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Can Valorant be played on Mac?

Can Valorant be played on Mac? Fans of Riot Games’ new first-person shooter are keen on getting their hands on a Valorant closed beta key, but some of these people don’t have Windows for their OS. Will we see this brand-new game making its way to Apple’s OS?

Can Valorant be played on Mac OS right now?

Let’s get the big bugbear out of the way: if you’d like to play Valorant on Mac right now, you’ll be sad to hear that the game currently has no native support. While Riot has supported Mac gaming with their other titles League of Legends and Teamfight TacticsValorant is currently restricted to PC only… kind of.

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You see, there is one option that several players are using: Bootcamp. If you’re unfamiliar with Bootcamp, it’s a system that allows Mac owners to install a Windows operating system on their Apple computer. That, in turn, would allow them to play Valorant on a Mac.

This is one possible solution, but there can be problems. There’s at least one report of a Mac gamer facing repeated crashes on Reddit. Just because you can get the game to run doesn’t mean that it will run well.

Will there be a Valorant Mac OS port?

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Since there’s currently no Mac support, the next question is can Valorant be played on Mac in the future? Riot Games has supposed Mac gaming with League of Legends, and it wouldn’t be too crazy for them to make a port at some point.

For now, the answer is unfortunately no. As Dot Esports highlights, Twitch streamer DrLupo had an interview with the game’s developers. The developers don’t have any plans to bring Valorant to Mac (or consoles, for that matter) anytime soon, but they’re also not ruling out the possibility of expanding it to other platforms in the future.