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How to get Animal Crossing: New Horizons Simple Panels

Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch offers players tons of customization options, that hasn’t stopped the community from getting extra creative and using the Simple Panel furniture item to erect makeshift rooms. Whether inside your home or even outdoors, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Simple Panels can be invaluable when it comes to getting your idyllic island looking just right.

How do you get a Simple Panel in Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch, though? Stick with this guide for everything you need to know.

How do you get Animal Crossing: New Horizons Simple Panels?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Simple Panels

Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to snag yourself an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Simple Panel outside of performing a catalog trade with a friend — provided they’re lucky enough to already have one, of course. Simple Panels can most commonly be purchased for 810 Bells from Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny, although there’s no way to guarantee what stock the tanooki twosome will carry each day.

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That being said, there are a few things you can do in an effort to speed up your search.

How to get Animal Crossing: New Horizons Simple Panels

  • Check Nook’s Cranny each and every day to see if there’s a Simple Panel in stock.
  • Keep an eye on the sky and pop floating gift balloons, which may contain a Simple Panel.
  • Shake trees, as there’s a slim possibility that they’ll drop furniture items.
  • If a friend already has a Simple Panel, ask them to perform a catalog trade with you.
    • Check out our dedicated guide on how to catalog trade here.

Living room finished, Simple Panels are a godsend! from r/AnimalCrossing

You can see the panels used in the image above by plaguedoctorjed on Reddit.

Once you have an Animal Crossing Simple Panel or at least have the item listed in your catalog, it’s possible to order multiple from a NookStop terminal and then customize them at a workbench. After doing so, they can be used to create dividing walls in your home or to make enclosed outdoor areas.