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How do I do an Animal Crossing catalog trade with friends?

How do I do an Animal Crossing catalog trade? If you’re looking to expand your catalog in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there’s one really good way to go about it, as long as you have some friends to play with!

Once you’re a ways into the game, you’ll unlock an enhanced version of the catalog at the Nook Stop. You won’t just see the daily new offerings anymore; rather, you’ll also be able to purchase nearly any item you’ve already unlocked.

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There are, however, some exceptions. These exceptions are:

  • Craftable items
  • Fossils
  • Limited items (like the Happy Home Academy Banner)
  • Promotional items (like the Nook Inc. Silk Rug you can get via Nintendo Switch Online)

As time goes on, your Animal Crossing catalog will grow — but there’s a way to expand its contents even faster!

How does an Animal Crossing catalog trade work?

Animal Crossing catalog trade shopping

Firstly, you’re going to have to get Nook’s Cranny built. You’ll need to get 30 Iron Nuggets, but that can be done in a few days at most. Once Nook’s Cranny is open, you’ll have access to the expanded catalog!

From there, you should is to grab one of each item, clothing, or whatever else you’d like to trade and toss it on the floor in your town. The next step is to tell your friends and invite them over — everyone’s catalog is about to get bigger!

Everyone wins when you host a trading party

Animal Crossing catalog trade town square

Once you have a few friends dropping by, it’s high time for the Animal Crossing catalog trade to begin. It’s very simple — here’s how it works:

  1. Pick up an item that’s not in your catalog on the ground.
  2. Put the item back down.

That’s it. That’s the steps. It’s really that easy.

The way the game works, picking up an item is considered “owning” it. Having something in your inventory — even for a second — is enough time for the game to go, “Yep, he owns that!” From there, you will be able to purchase it from the Nook Stop for its full price in Bells forever.

Of course, your visitors should fill up their inventory with items too — after all, the idea is to trade. You can either visit each other’s islands, or you can set up several fenced-off areas so everyone’s items don’t get mixed up. Just be careful — there’s nothing stopping someone from grabbing your items and running!

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