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Proximity Mine Fortnite | Have they been vaulted?

Did you just boot up Epic Games’ Fortnite to the horrible realization that Proximity Mines have been removed? You’re not alone, but what exactly is going on with the in-game explosives and why have they suddenly disappeared? Stick with our Proximity Mine Fortnite guide to learn all about why the rare battle royale gadgets have gone missing.

Where have the Proximity Mines gone in Fortnite?

Proximity Mine Fortnite

Fortnite Proximity Mines have temporarily been removed while the developers at Epic work to fix and then reintroduce them. It’s worth noting that they’re only absent in Fortnite Battle Royale and can still be used in the PvE Fortnite Save the World mode, however.

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The exact “issue” remains unknown, though it could be related to players having discovered a way to throw Proximity Mines when they should, in fact, be a planted explosive. This makes them far more potent than they were likely intended to be, although, since the exploit has been around for well over a month now, its also possible that the Proximity Mine Fortnite item could’ve been removed for a different reason.

Even when Proximity Mines do make their way back in, it’s possible — likely, even — that they’ll be removed from Fortnite all over again in the future. With Epic’s popular battle royale title being a live service game, weapons are frequently put in and out of rotation in a process referred to as being “unvaulted” and “vaulted” (respectively) by the community. Many weapons, both beloved and hated, have been removed and the process will likely continue well into the future.

If you’re ever curious about what’s happened to the Fortnite Proximity Mine or other in-game items, we’d recommend checking the game’s official status page on Twitter. @FortniteStatus offers regular helpful insights into what’s happening with Fortnite across PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.