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Valorant Error Code 12 | How to fix

The closed beta test for Valorant is currently underway. As usual, the beta gives players a chance to get an early look at the game and provide feedback on various bugs. Unfortunately, some of those bugs prevent the game from actually loading. This is the case with Valorant error code 12, which sometimes appears when trying to launch the game. Here’s more information about what this code means and what you can do to fix error code 12.

Valorant Error Code 12 Fix | What is error code 12?

valorant error code 12 how to fix

Valorant error code 12 appears when there is a problem with the Riot Games client. In fact, error codes eight through 21 all correspond to problems with the launcher. Thankfully, you should be able to fix error code 12 by restarting the Riot Client.

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This information comes straight from the Riot Games support page, which outlines all of the different Valorant error codes. While they’re not given any sort of detailed explanations, codes eight through 21 all involve the Riot Client. As mentioned previously, the solution is simple: Restart the Riot Client before attempting to launch Valorant again.

Since Valorant is still in the beta phase, errors are bound to happen. So far, the developers have mapped out 54 different error codes over on the support website. Error code 12, alongside others including code 31, 33, and 43, crop up when the Riot Client misbehaves. Only a handful of others actually correspond to in-game errors. Two of the codes — 44 and 45 — involve a problem with Riot Vanguard, but still require a restart of the Riot Client.

When Valorant gives you error code 12, it means a problem has occurred within the game client. You should be able to get back into the game simply by restarting the Riot Client. If the process continues to run after closing, it may be wise to force-close the client or restart your PC. Otherwise, you should open up a ticket with Riot Games support. After all, working out these bugs is the whole point of running a beta test.