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How to enable Valorant Twitch Drops

It’s no secret that Twitch is the key to getting into the Valorant closed beta. All of the game’s beta participants earned access by watching Twitch streams. And now, thanks to a recent change, it’s even easier to earn a Valorant beta key by watching any eligible Twitch stream. Here’s what you need to do to enable Valorant Twitch drops and jump into the closed beta.

Valorant | How to enable Twitch drops

how to enable Valorant Twitch drops

To earn Valorant Twitch drops, you’ll need to link your Riot Games account with your Twitch account. That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve linked the two accounts together, you’ll be eligible to receive Twitch drops for Valorant beta access.

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In case you haven’t already, you can create a Riot Games account by heading to the official Valorant website. After that’s done, you can link your Riot account to your Twitch account through the connections settings page over on Twitch. If you’re really eager to jump into the game, you can even download and install Valorant to your PC. Just don’t expect the login to work until beta access has been granted.

When Riot Games first announced that Valorant beta access would be given away through Twitch, only certain streams were eligible. However, the team recently unlocked Twitch drops for any and all Valorant streams. Now there’s no need to tune into specific streamers, nor is there any need for Twitch Prime. As long as your Riot Games account is linked with your Twitch account, you’ll be eligible to receive beta access.

With that said, this recent change does not affect the frequency of Twitch drops. There are only so many positions available for closed beta access, after all. Likewise, beta access is still only available in select territories, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Turkey.

You can enable Valorant Twitch drops by linking your Riot Games account to your Twitch account. After that, earning beta access is simply luck of the draw. All Valorant streams are now eligible for drops, but the amount of viewers earning beta access still remains the same.