Will Crysis Remastered have multiplayer?

Even though the game has only just been revealed via a leak (from official sources), plenty of you are wondering “will Crysis Remastered have multiplayer?” In this guide, we’ll let you know if there will be any kind of Crysis Remastered multiplayer mode or modes. Read on to find out whether we think there will be multiplayer in Crysis Remastered or not.

Will there be any Crysis Remastered multiplayer modes?

Crysis Remastered multiplayer

As the game is yet to be officially confirmed, as of writing, it’s difficult to say whether it will have a multiplayer mode or not. Considering that the 2007 original release of Crysis contained no multiplayer modes, however, it’s safe to say that there will be no Crysis Remastered multiplayer modes. Of course, we cannot confirm nor deny any multiplayer modes existing in the game without any official word from the developer or publisher. We’d wager that there won’t be any multiplayer modes in Crysis Remastered. This is simply because the original didn’t have any, so it’s unlikely that it would be added in for a remaster.

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Just because the original Crysis didn’t feature any multiplayer, doesn’t mean the remaster won’t, however. Added multiplayer modes could be an aspect of the remaster added to improve it upon the original. Both Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 included multiplayer modes, it could be an addition to the remaster, too. Unfortunately, though, we don’t think Crytek will add multiplayer into the game. Remasters either work with the original, simply pushing the graphical fidelity up, or they even remove features. The recently released Modern Warfare 2 Remastered, for example, featured only the game’s singleplayer campaign. The multiplayer from the original was removed.

Based on the original (since deleted) leak, too, no mention of multiplayer was made. It appears as though there will be no Crysis Remastered multiplayer. While we don’t think Crysis Remastered will feature any multiplayer, stranger things have happened. We’ll have to wait and see what the official announcement of the game has to reveal.