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How to get the Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge

A bunch of new content is coming to Pokemon Go for Android and iOS, as we now know courtesy of the community’s data-mining efforts. It looks like new Incense is being introduced to the game along with a Friend Filtering quality of life feature, but, most excitingly, the leak revealed that a Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge is being added to the game.

What is the Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge and how can you earn it, though? Stick with this guide for all of the available information.

How do you get a Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge?

Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge

Since the Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge hasn’t officially been announced — there’s no word from Niantic, Nintendo or The Pokemon Company at the time of writing — it’s unknown how exactly players will unlock the in-game reward. Due to its name, however, we can speculate on which feature the badge will almost certainly tie into.

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Wayfarer is a unified system published by Pokemon Go developer Niantic. It allows players across the company’s multiple augmented reality (AR) mobile titles to review real-world locations; in the case of Pokemon Go, that’s potential Pokestop and Gym locations. Using the feature correctly helps to make the game safe and enjoyable for everyone, so it’s only natural that Niantic would want to encourage its use through the introduction of an all-new Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge.

Below is the leaked Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge game code and the associated descriptions:

Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge leak

  • badge_wayfarer_title
    • Wayfarer
  • badge_wayfarer_singular
    • Earn a Wayfarer Agreement
  • badge_wayfarer
    • Earn [X] Wayfarer Agreements

The final point reveals that multiple Wayfarer Agreements can be earnt in Pokemon Go and will likely be needed to get the Wayfarer Badge. Again, the unlock requirements for Wayfarer Agreements are currently unclear, though it might be as simple as reviewing multiple locations.

Stay tuned for more details on the Pokemon Go Wayfarer Badge as and when official news breaks.