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Overwatch Update Patch Notes

A fresh new Overwatch update is on its way to fans today, April 21, 2020. Update has released for all platforms, and addresses issues for six different heroes. This is only a small patch, but it does introduce several different fixes for the new hero Echo. Find out all the details with the full Overwatch patch notes featured below.

Overwatch Patch Notes | Update

overwatch patch notes update

Don’t expect any new content in Overwatch update This is a small patch aimed at working out a few kinks with a handful of the game’s heroes. Most of the bug fixes center around Echo, the newest addition to the roster, but there are also notable fixes for Junkrat, D.Va, and Tracer.

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You’ll be pleased to hear that the bug causing Echo to drop the flag in CTF has been fixed. There are also two fixes for Echo’s Duplicate, including one that resulted in her use of Winston’s voice after completing Primal Rage. It was a little funny, but most of the time it just felt odd.

The other fixes in update are relatively minor. The bug with Junkrat’s weapon accuracy statistic has been fixed, as has the bug where D.Va and her mech spawned facing the wrong direction. Finally, the bug where Tracer blinks to the wrong location on Hollywood has been fixed.

Craving the full details? Here are the complete patch notes for Overwatch update version as provided by the developers at Blizzard.


  • Baptiste
    • Fixed a bug that caused Baptiste’s Immortality Field disc to look very large in his Highlight Intros
  • D.Va
    • Fixed a bug where D.Va’s Mech could spawn in facing the wrong direction in the spawn room, and D.Va could eject facing the wrong way during Self Destruct or Mech destruction
  • Echo
    • Fixed a bug that caused Echo to not respect the Toggle Booster option when she clones D.Va
    • (CTF Game Modes) Fixed a bug that caused Echo to drop the flag when Duplicate ends
    • Fixed a bug with Echo’s Duplicate where she would sometimes not play voice lines while duplicating D.Va
    • Fixed a bug with Echo’s Duplicate where she would use Winston’s voice instead of her own after completing Primal Rage
  • Junkrat
    • Fixed a bug that caused Junkrat’s weapon accuracy statistic to always display 100%
  • Tracer
    • Fixed a bug where Tracer could blink to an unintended location on Hollywood, near point A


  • Fixed a bug where a player’s position could be incorrect when queried in Workshop