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Rocket League 1.77 Update Patch Notes

A brand-new Rocket League update is available to download and install on the PS4, at least, right now. The Rocket League 1.77 update is a confusing one, releasing without any official announcement or patch notes. After doing some research, however, we’ve got what we believe to be the complete list of Rocket League 1.77 update patch notes at the end of this guide. It’s a small update, but one which should make your game experience a little better.

Rocket League 1.77 Update Highlights

Rocket League 1.77 update

As stated above, the new Rocket League version 1.77 update was not announced by Psyonix. At the time of writing, too, the developer has not revealed exactly what the patch has done. As far as we’re aware, the 1.77 update is a hotfix that has fixed various small issues. Indeed, if you check your PS4’s Rocket League update history, all it tells you is “various bug fixes.” Thanks to a Reddit thread, however, we think we know of at least a few of the patch notes for the 1.77 update.

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What did the Rocket League 1.77 update do?

As far as we can tell, as per the above linked-to Reddit thread, the 1.77 update for Rocket League fixed a number of small issues. The checklist below is a list of things that have been fixed and improved according to the Reddit thread:

  • Fixes for game crashing issues
  • Minor under-the-hood fixes
  • Performance and stability improvements

On top of what’s listed above, the update could simply be to remove the limited-time Heatseeker mode. All we know for certain, though, is that the update applied various bug fixes. We cannot guarantee that the list of fixes above is genuine, as it has not been confirmed by Psyonix as of writing. Exactly what has been fixed or improved is up in the air right now. If the above does turn out to be the correct patch notes, too, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever know what exactly has been fixed or improved. Patch notes are often as vague as “various bug fixes” and “stability improvements.”

We’ll update this guide if and when Psyonix reveals the official patch notes.

Rocket League 1.77 Update Patch Notes

Rocket League 1.77 update

Read through what we believe to be the complete list of Rocket League 1.77 update patch notes, courtesy of this Reddit thread:

  • Added fixes for game crashing issues.

  • Performance and stability improvements.

  • Added other minor under the hood fixes.