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Gears Tactics Missables List | What can you miss?

The Gears of War series is known for requiring some serious dedication when it comes to attaining 100% completion. With Gears Tactics only featuring a campaign mode and significantly tightening its focus, however, are there still a lot of elements that you can miss in the PC game on Steam and Windows 10? We’ve got the answers you need in this full Gears Tactics missables list.

Gears Tactics Missables List | What can be missed?

Gears Tactics missables list

Gears of War Tactics features a couple of missable elements that are spread throughout the campaign. These are Side Missions and Cases, which we’ll detail below in order to help you avoid missing out on them and any associated content.

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The structure of Gears Tactics‘ campaign — which is covered in our review — often dictates that you’ll need to complete a set number of Side Missions before being able to move on with the main narrative. You can pick and choose which to complete before moving on, but, in the process, you’d also be opting to pass up on any uncompleted Side Missions altogether. Since you can’t come back, be sure to beat them all before moving on.

In addition to skippable Side Missions, Gears Tactics features collectible Cases. These glowing boxes (pictured above) contain missable loot items and can be picked up during gameplay. Their contents aren’t fixed but instead randomized, so what you get for your efforts is completely down to luck. Gears Tactics Cases aren’t quite like loot boxes as they can’t be purchased, but you’ll need to keep searching them out after finishing the campaign if you want to unlock absolutely everything.

Gears Tactics missables list

  • Gears Tactics Side Missions
    • Side Missions can be skipped if you don’t finish all those available before progressing to the next Main Mission.
    • To avoid missing out on any content, simply prioritize Side Missions at all times.
  • Gears Tactics Cases
    • Cases can be found hidden around levels and picked up during gameplay.
    • To avoid missing Cases, carefully scour each level in search of black boxes emitting a blue glow.
  • Gears Tactics Achievements

    • Some Achievements can be missed on the initial playthrough, especially those that require a certain difficulty setting.
    • If you’re going for 1000 GS and 100% completion, you’ll likely need to replay the game anyway.

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