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Gears Tactics Best Skills | Best Builds for Gabe and Cid

So you’ve started your Gears Tactics playthrough, ready to deal some damage to the Locust horde in turn-based fashion! However, you’re stopped in your tracks by a couple of Skill Trees, demanding you to pick an upgrade path where you can learn a bunch of Skills. These Skill Trees can be daunting, as there are four different ways to go. Thankfully, we’re here with our guide on the best Skills and builds for Gabe and Cid in Gears Tactics.

Which Skills should I choose in Gears Tactics?

Gears Tactics Best Skills

While it can be tempting to throw Gears Tactics Skill Points into random Skills, we’d urge you to spend a few minutes thinking about each new Skill you learn and how it will contribute to your soldier and team. Spending a moment or two weighing up your Skill options will mean easier and quicker fights on the battlefield.

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You begin Gears Tactics with two soldiers, Gabe and Cid, both of whom have a number of different upgrade paths that change up how they play. While there’s no real wrong answer here, as all Skills have their strengths, and there are Reset Tokens if you really mess up, we definitely have our preferred builds. Read on for our recommendations.

Best Gabe Builds

As described by the game, Gabe can head down four paths: Surgeon, Paragon, Combat Medic, and Strategist. Regardless of the path you choose, Gabe is best utilized away from the frontline, except to use his deadly chainsaw.

  • Paragon
    • The first of our top two picks is Paragon. This is a good starting point for Gabe, as he’s able to skills like Empower and Teamwork to support other soldiers with additional Actions. However, Revved Up and Chainsaw Command also come in useful for one-hit killing enemies in up-close engagements.
  • Surgeon
    • While Combat Medic has some useful Skills that help the entire team, we found that Surgeon came in more handy, as it heals and revives single units. Expanding into Combat Medic is an option, however, if you want your Gabe build to be wholly healing focused.

Best Cid Builds

As soon as you meet Cid, it becomes obvious that the man is a damn savage. Armed with his Retro Lancer, Cid can get up close and personal with the enemy, or make use of Rage Shot to turn a loss of health into a damage boost.

  • Assault
    • First and foremost, you’re gonna want to invest some points into the Assault Skill Tree. Rage Shot is a particular favorite of ours, as it rapidly turns a bad situation into a good one. Cid gets bonus damage for any health loss, which came in clutch against a particularly nasty boss. Avenger is also useful for avenging teammates.
  • Shock Trooper
    • Cid is a scary dude, as evidenced by his ability to intimidate the Locust. Intimidate causes enemies in range to lose their cover, leaving them wide open for an accurate burst of gunfire. Cid also gets a damage buff for the turn when upgraded to Intimidate Lv 2 or Lv 3. Charged Up and Menacing Bayonet offer some big bonuses if Cid manages to pull off a Bayonet charge.

Once you have filled these recommended Skill Trees, you can start experimenting with other abilities. And remember, if you find yourself going down the wrong path, you can always use a Reset Token to start fresh.

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