Streets of Rage 4 Online Co-Op | 3 and 4-player lobby support?

Fans have been waiting for more than two decades to get their hands on Streets of Rage 4, which is finally available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Do any of those platforms feature Streets of Rage 4 online co-op support for 3 and 4-player lobbies, though?

Stick with GameRevolution as we detail how many players can beat up baddies in Streets of Rage 4 online cooperative play.

How many players is Streets of Rage 4 online co-op?

Streets of Rage 4 online co-op

SoR4 remains true to the original SEGA Genesis trilogy while boasting an all-new modern look. Not only that, but it has more newfangled features too — like online co-op support, as you might expect. This does come with a caveat, however. While you might’ve seen that Streets of Rage 4 can be enjoyed in 3 or 4-player co-op, unfortunately, it’s impossible to do so over the internet. The long-awaited sequel only allows for 2-player online lobbies, while restricting any greater player count to local couch co-op sessions.

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Streets of Rage 4 Online Co-Op | How many players?

  • Streets of Rage 4 online co-op supports just 2 players.
  • 3 and 4-player co-op sessions are not supported online.
  • 3 and 4-player co-op sessions are supported locally.

The restrictive SoR4 online co-op isn’t being well-received, especially considering the inopportune timing of the game’s launch. Streets of Rage 4 landed during an unprecedented time period in which people around the world are facing a mandatory lockdown. Due to the implementation of social distancing, organizing 3 and 4-player couch co-op sessions is out of the question for most.

Whether SoR4 developers LizardCube and DotEmu will (or even could) expand online co-op to support larger lobbies remains to be seen. Either way, they’ve undoubtedly heard the early feedback and will hopefully take it on board if they should ever produce a new sequel in Streets of Rage 5.