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Final Fantasy 7 Remake | Give 10,000 Gil to Hart Choice

There are many choices to make in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and most of them won’t cost you a dime. However, the bill comes due when you’re offered the choice to give 10,000 Gil to Hart in Chapter 16. What sort of information can he provide, and is it worth giving 10,000 Gil just to find out? Here’s what you need to know.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake | Should you give 10,000 Gil to Hart?

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The choice to give 10,000 Gil to Hart appears in Chapter 16. Hart promises to provide information about the Avalanche collaborator, but he wants you to pay 10,000 Gil before he’ll talk. If you choose to pay, you’ll get the information as well as Barret’s final weapon, the EKG Cannon.

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If you just wanted to know whether or not the decision is worth it, the answer is yes. The only way to get Barret’s final weapon is by choosing to give 10,000 gil to Hart. If you’re trying to avoid spoilers and don’t want to know what information he gives you, skip the next paragraph.

After paying 10,000 Gil, Hart will describe the secret Avalanche collaborator. Hart says he’s a sharp-dressed man, and implies he’d stand out in a crowd. (In fact, he’s the man wearing a subtly-decorated suit standing outside the Shinra Battle Simulator. He’s not far from where you find a jukebox with the music disk for Track 31, Scarlett’s Theme.) Barret will not be pleased with the information, so Hart will offer the EKG Cannon as recompense.

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If you choose not to pay Hart, his offer will still remain available. This isn’t a one-time decision, so no pressure. It’s entirely possible to continue the story without paying for the information. Still, since Hart is holding one Barret’s best weapons, you’re going to wind up paying eventually.

When Hart asks you to give 10,000 Gil in exchange for information, say yes. The details really aren’t worth the cost, but that’s not the point. Instead, you give 10,000 Gil in exchange for Barret’s EKG Cannon, one of the most powerful weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.