Twitter “Want to revise this?” Warning Message | Will I be banned?

If you’ve run into the Twitter “Want to revise this?” warning message, you might be wondering what has changed. If you use certain strong language, you might trigger this warning to appear, with the options to either “Revise” or “Send.” This additional step encourages the user to think before they tweet, but can you actually get banned? Here’s what you need to know.

What does the Twitter “Want to revise this?” warning message mean?

Twitter Want to revise this

The Twitter “Want to revise this?” message allows users to “rethink a replay.” Twitter is currently running a limited experiment on iOS with this prompt.

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The full message is as follows:

Want to revise this?

Language like this could lead to someone reporting your reply. But you can change it before sending. 



As mentioned above, this additional step gives users the chance to pause for thought before sending a potentially harmful response. Of course, Twitter still allows for the unaltered message to be sent with the “Send” option, so it’s not censoring you or anything like that.

If this new feature works well during iOS testing, it’s likely that we’ll see it rolled out across all iOS and Android devices. It’s possible that the Twitter website and TweetDeck applications will also include this feature.

The downside to having the “Want to revise this?” message pop up is that it’s an additional step in the reply process. If you’re a busy Twitter user who doesn’t want to spend a couple of seconds hitting an additional “Send” button, then you may not like the change.

Can you be banned for ignoring the Twitter “Want to revise this?” warning message?

While this warning message doesn’t come with its own set of rules, users are still held to Twitter’s general Terms of Service. You can read up on them here.