Is Legends of Runeterra down?

After spending months in open beta, Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra is out now for PC, iOS, and Android. Although players have the final release version in their hands, that doesn’t mean the League of Legends collectible card game (CCG) is exempt from occasional technical difficulties. Some players encounter issues and can’t help but wonder: “Is Legends of Runeterra down?” Stick with this guide to find out if there are any known issues with the game and what you can do to help out.

Are the Legends of Runeterra servers down?

Is Legends of Runeterra down?

CCGs can be pretty moreish, so it’s not a great feeling to boot up Legends of Runeterra on your PC or smartphone only to discover an error is preventing you from playing. Is there a problem on your end, though? Or does the issue lie with Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra servers?

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Is Legends of Runeterra down?

Before sending a support request in the absence of any service errors, you can try to implement a fix on your end by following these Legends of Runeterra troubleshooting steps.

Legends of Runeterra connection error fix

  • Close the application completely.
  • Reset your internet router.
  • Once the router is fully rebooted, launch the game and attempt to connect.
  • If you have no luck, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network (where possible).
  • On mobile, you could also try using your data allowance.
    • Note: This may incur a fee, so be mindful of that.

If you’re still having difficulty connecting to the Legends of Runeterra servers after following the above steps and no service errors have cropped up, we’d now recommend getting in touch with Riot Player Support.