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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skill Materia | All Enemy Skills

The option to use Enemy Skills has returned in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. However, the system may not work the same way as you’ve seen in past games. In addition to finding and equipping the Enemy Skill Materia, you’ll also need to get hit by specific enemy attacks in order to learn the unique abilities. If you can successfully track down every Enemy Skill, you’ll earn yourself the Master of Mimicry trophy. Here’s how the system works.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake | How Enemy Skills Work

final fantasy 7 remake enemy skills list

Before you can acquire Enemy Skills in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll need the Enemy Skill Materia. This is offered as a reward for one of Chadley’s Battle Intel requests. Once equipped, you can learn Enemy Skills by getting hit by specific attacks. There are four in total: Algid Aura, Self-Destruct, Spirit Siphon, and Bad Breath.

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The Enemy Skill Materia itself is easy enough to get: It’s part of Battle Intel 16: Monster Bio Pt. 4. All this challenge requires is for you to use Assess Materia on 30 different enemy types. Chances are good that by the time this Battle Intel report is available, you’ll have already assessed 30 different enemies.

With that said, actually learning Enemy Skills isn’t nearly as simple. First, you’ll need to have the Enemy Skill Materia equipped to one of your active characters. After that, the character will have to get hit by the skill itself. As such, the best way of learning every enemy ability is to track down every foe with a unique attack. Fortunately, that’s not as difficult as it sounds.

All Enemy Skills in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

final fantasy 7 remake enemy skill list locations

Here’s a list of every Enemy Skill in Final Fantasy 7 Remake as well as the name and location of the enemy (or enemies) you can learn it from.

  • Algid Aura
    • Effect: Unleash a magical aura that deals ice damage on contact
      • Note: The enemy ability Ice Aura teaches the Algid Aura ability
    • Learned from: Cerulean Drake (Chapters 3, 11, and 15)
  • Self-Destruct
    • Effect: Deal a large amount of damage to enemies in the surrounding area while incapacitating self
      • Note: The enemy ability Apoptosis also teaches the Self-Destruct ability
    • Learned from:
      • Bomb – Chapter 9, Chadley’s VR Simulator (Fat Chocobo battle), Shinra Combat Simulator (Monsters of Legend battle)
      • HO512-OPT – Chapter 16
      • Proto-Trypapolis – Chapter 14, Shinra Combat Simulator (Team Ragbag battle)
      • Smogger – Chapter 8, Chapter 14
      • Vaghidpolis – Chapter 13, Chapter 14
  • Spirit Siphon
    • Effect: Drain HP from surrounding enemies
    • Learned from: Phantom – Chapter 14, Shinra Combat Simulator (3-C SOLDIER Candidates battles)
  • Bad Breath
    • Effect: Inflict poison, silence, and sleep
    • Learned from: Malboro – Shinra Combat Simulator (Monsters of Legend battle)

At first glance, having only four Enemy Skills may seem rather weak. However, it’s worth remembering that none of these skills require the use of MP. In a pinch, abilities like Spirit Siphon can help keep you alive in a difficult battle. Bad Breath also serves as a fine way to inflict status effects without having to equip a variety of Magic Materia. Finally, the Enemy Skill Materia can also be linked to the HP Absorb Materia, which makes Algid Aura an effective way to recover health when battling against crowds.