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Apex Legends Loba OP | Is the new Legend worth buying?

Another new Apex Legends Season means another new unlockable Legend; this time it’s Loba, the High Society Thief. We know what her Abilities are, so is Apex Legends Loba OP? In this guide, we’ll answer that very question. Read on to discover what Loba’s Abilities are and whether or not she is overpowered. Find out the answer to “is the new Apex Legends Legend worth buying?” in the guide below.

Is Apex Legends Loba OP?

Apex Legends Loba OP

Thanks to her Abilities, Loba is a highly skilled and useful Legend to play as. Loba can teleport herself out of danger using her Jump Drive bracelet, for example, and she can also see epic and legendary loot through walls. Whether Abilities such as these make Loba OP, however, is another thing. Time will tell if Loba is an OP Legend. She hasn’t been in the game long enough for people to make their mind up about her. Based on her list of Abilities, though, it does seem as though Loba could be an OP Legend.

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Loba’s list of Abilities are as follows:

  • Tactical Ability:
    • Burglar’s Best Friend: You can teleport hard-to-reach areas and escape trouble quickly using Loba’s Jump Drive bracelet
  • Passive Ability:
    • Eye for Quality: Loba can see epic and legendary loot through walls, it has the same range as Loba’s Black Market Boutique
  • Ultimate Ability:
    • Black Market Boutique: A portable device that teleports nearby loot to your inventory. Teammates and enemies can use it, too, to take two items for themselves

As you can see, Loba’s Abilities make her a bit of a handful to fight against. While other Legends have superior attacking Abilities, Loba is great for players looking for more maneuverability and options.

Is Loba worth buying?

If you’re after a new Legend with excellent maneuverability and item-grabbing Abilities, Loba is about as good as it gets. Loba costs either 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens. You earn 600 Legend Tokens each time you level up, so you can get Loba for free if you play the game enough. Either way, Loba looks to be a great addition to the Legend lineup in Apex Legends.