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Apex Legends Characters Locked After Update Fix

A frustrating problem has started appearing in Apex Legends. Following a recent update, some players are finding their Apex Legends characters locked. This bug is especially alarming considering it blocks access to and use of characters that had previously been unlocked. If your Apex Legends characters are locked after updating the game, here’s what you can do to remedy the situation.

Apex Legends | Why are my characters locked after update?

Apex Legends characters locked after update fix

You’re not alone: Many players have discovered their Apex Legends characters locked after the recent update. Unfortunately, this bug seems to have been caused by the game’s latest patch, and can only be fixed by the developers themselves. Sorry, folks: It looks like your characters are locked for the time being.

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For whatever reason, the latest Apex Legends update released today, May 12, 2020, has introduced a number of problems. Some players can’t get into the game, but many of those who succeed in getting the game to run don’t seem to have access to all of their characters. Instead of having access to each unlocked Legend, this bug puts the lock icon over some or all of the unlockable characters.

Since the menu doesn’t allow these characters to be selected, it limits the number of heroes you can play with — at least for now. There’s nothing that indicates this update has wiped any sort of progress, so they should become available again soon. Unfortunately, that means the only real fix for this problem is to wait.

This latest patch also seems to have reintroduced the dark textures bug, which results in dark areas of the map and missing textures over character models. As it happens, the black textures bug has appeared before and can be fixed through game repair or a simple software tweak.

If your Apex Legends characters have been locked after the recent update, don’t fret. This is just one of a few problems that stemmed from the latest patch. It’s unlikely that any of your progress with unlocking characters has been reset. Instead, you’re simply limited in which heroes you can choose for the time being. With any luck, the developers will get this bug sorted out as quickly as possible.