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Is the Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor Pack worth it?

Every now and then Respawn and EA release an Apex Legends Pack that you can buy, the next on the list appears to be the Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor Pack. These Packs give you an opportunity to purchase a pre-determined set of items such as rare Legends Skins and Apex Coins. Is the Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor Pack worth it? Below, we’ll let you in on what’s in the Fortune’s Favor Pack and how much it should cost to buy.

Is the Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor Pack worth it?

Apex Legends Fortune's Favor Pack

Leaked by reliable Apex Legends data-miner @shrugtal, the Fortune’s Favor Pack is not yet in the game (as of writing). Based on previous purchasable Packs in the game, however, we can assume that it will cost around $5. Because of its likely price and contents, the Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor Pack is definitely worth it. We explain why below.

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Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor Pack Contents

  • Rare Pack Hunter Loba Skin
  • 600 Apex Coins

Thanks to Shrugtal’s leak, we know what’s going to be included in the Fortune’s Favor Pack. Of course, as this is currently a leak, the contents could change, although that is unlikely. Based on previous, similar Packs in Apex Legends, it should cost around $5. This would represent a very good deal.

Normally, buying 1,000 Apex Coins costs you $10, meaning 100 Apex Coins are worth around $1. For what’s presumably going to cost $5, you’re getting 600 Apex Coins, which is normally worth $6. It’s a good deal based on the number of Apex Coins received for the price alone. Therefore, it’s an even better deal when you throw in the Pack Hunter Loba Skin, too.

You can see the Pack Hunter Loba Skin in the image at the top of this guide. We have to say, it’s pretty cool. With glowing eyes, a white, turquoise, and gold outfit, this Loba Skin is a nice one. We’ll update this guide with the confirmed price if needs be.